by J. B de Boismortier

The ballet comique Don Quichotte chez la Duchesse is a joyful musical version of the classic piece by Cervantes. Its structure is typically French, with its characteristic instrumental dances (Menuet, Tambourin, Gavotte, Bourée, Passepied Chaconne) and with the recitatives noted with great precision.

The musical treatment given to the different characters reveals the fine-tuned relationship with the diverse personalities. The noteworthy amount of beautiful themes that appear one after the other in such a short piece could easily be used in a longer opera, and proves the talent and creation power of Boismortier. An edition of the score was especially prepared for this production, based on the publication printed in Paris, in 1743.

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, Teatro I, Rio de Janeiro, July and August 2005.

Musical Direction and Conducting at the harpsichord: Marcelo Fagerlande
Stage Direction:
Moacir Chaves
Fernando Mello da Costa and Rostand Albuquerque
Inês Salgado Lighting: Aurélio de Simoni
Acrobatic movement and flight advisory:
Cláudio Baltar
Production and Management Director:
Walter Santos Filho
Geilson Santos, Rivelino de Aquino, Paloma Lima, Silvia Salustti, Luiz Kleber Queiroz, Raphael Thomaz, Lívia Dias, Talita Siqueira, Sergio Sansão, Marcelinton de Souza Lima and Douglas Gonçalves.
Ensemble with period instruments: (violins, flutes, viola da gamba, bassoon, theorbo, baroque guitar, and percussion): Paulo Henes, Alceu Camillo da Silva Jr., Noara Paoliello, Paulo da Mata, Cecília Aprigliano, Luis Antonio Ramoska, Guilherme Camargo and Philipe Davis.