A musical tale by Joaquim Assis and Marcelo Fagerlande inspired on the life of José Maurício Nunes Garcia.

The musical takes place on the important black Rio de Janeiro musician’s last day, when, tormented by disease and misery, he thinks over his life. The plot is structured in four narrative dimensions – present, past, narrative and music – and features a cast of 23 people on stage, including musicians, singers, and actors. The musical selection comprises excerpts of different works by José Maurício, along with modinhas of the period, jongos, vissungos, and African laments, the latter evoking the musical heritage of his origins.

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, Teatro II, Rio de Janeiro, August 2003

Concept, musical direction and conducting at the harpsichord:
Marcelo Fagerlande
Text: Joaquim Assis
Stage direction: Sergio Britto
Scenery: José Dias
Costumes: Marcelo Marques
Lighting: Paulo César Medeiros
Afro-Brazilian rhythms curatorship: Luciane Menezes
Cast: Paulo Barbosa, Ricardo Blat, Maria Salvadora, Nando Cunha, Eli Mendes, Antonio Karnewale, Beto Pacheco, Samantha Schmütz, Doriana Mendes, Carolina Faria, Marcos Liesenberg, Lício Bruno and Lazir Sinval Instrumental ensemble (violins, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, wire guitar, percussion) Marcelo Marques was awarded the Prêmio Shell de Teatro 2004 [Shell Theater Award] in the Costumes category. Production: Waletr Santos Filho
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